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Our main objective is to provide good quality digitising services at reasonable prices. Therefore our Quality Control function is critical to our operation. After all, good embroidery begins and ends with a good foundation, i.e. the digitising. We are fully conversant with the different technical requirements for various materials, such as cotton and polyester polos, business shirts, fleecy or stretchy garments, as well as caps (centre–out bottom–up digitising).

We use a two–stage system that checks all the possible defects that can occur in colour changes, trims, densities, pull compensation, sequencing, etc., closely following your instructions and specifications.

We sew out each design until we are convinced of its smooth run on the machine before we send the digitised file to you. We also provide you with a free digital sew–out for each design that we complete (click here to view our gallery). And if after all this effort your customer is still not satisfied, we provide a Money Back Guarantee on all our work.
We provide a Money Back Guarantee on all our designs if you are not completely satisfied.
We can produce digitised files in any of the following formats: Wilcom(.emb), Pulse(.pxf), Ethos(.isi), Wings(.mis), Barudan(.fmc), Melco (dos exp), Tajima(.dst), Toyota, Pfaff, .zsk, .cnd, .fdr, .jef, .pes.

If you don’t see your format here, ask us anyway, chances are that we will be able to produce it.
We can read all of the following formats: jpeg, tif, gif, pcx, jpg, cdr, cpt, ai, eps, pdf, wmf, pct, or pict, bmp.

These are the most common formats, but if you have a format not listed here send it anyway, we are pretty good at this. Our favorite is the jpg format. It is generic and can be saved / exported by just about every piece of software available. If you can’t send a jpg file and are sending a graphic with the font active, please change the text to curves. Otherwise if our system does not have the font (we don’t own every one of them out there) it will substitute a closest match (which may not be what you want). We can fix this, but it is much easier with the text as curves.
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